Lost Parade

by Bleachbear

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"Lost Parade" is Bleachbear's debut album, a fusion of distortion and layered harmonies inspired by ghosts and love notes, and written by Tigerlily Cooley. Recorded Fall 2013 by sisters, Tigerlily and Bird, and their cousin Emiko. Website: bleachbear.com


"Lost Parade" - Hall of Fame DJ Marco Collins: “MY GOD! That voice. Do yourself a favor, press play on the band’s new record, 'Lost Parade' and become enchanted.”

Bleachbear named “Best Underage Band” by Seattle Weekly: "Bleachbear's music is a style of dreamy pop/grunge/folk rock as heard on Bleachbear’s superb debut, Lost Parade-- catchy melodies juxtaposed against Tigerlily’s tear-stained lyrics. Such adolescent angst has a body count—the hearts of hundreds of fans.” 

"Lost Parade" - Eclectic Arts: “A stunning release. The more you listen to it, the more it unveils itself, the layers within the music and lyrics. . .When they're headlining The Paramount in Seattle, you can thank me for turning you on to them today." 

"Lost Parade" - UK Morphettes:  "Today’s Song Of The Day is 'Letters At Your Door' by Bleachbear...To be making music like this at such an early age really bodes well for their future. Especially singer/songwriter Tigerlily. These are beautiful songs. They remind me a little bit of First Aid Kit and at times Tigerlily’s voice reminds me of Natalie Merchant..."

"Lost Parade" - Parent Map Magazine "The album’s eight tracks juxtapose themes of teen love and heartbreak with a touch of grunge’s darkness, all against a glittery folk-pop backdrop."

"Lost Parade" - Seattle Weekly: “Bleachbear will hit you with its heartwarming earnestness… Within its eight songs, singer/songwriter Tigerlily turns the poignancy of being 15 into something productive, progressing along a narrative arc that tackles everything from unrequited love to . . . lost love (it’s all that matters, anyway). The upbeat 'Down by the Forest' depicts two young lovers running away together a la Moonrise Kingdom. The album closes with the somber 'Stop Holding On,' a track that captures the sad and beautiful pain of falling out of love. What Lost Parade succeeds at best is creating a mood—one that takes the listener back to a time of butterflies, first kisses, and note-passing.” ​


released April 5, 2014

Tigerlily Nakagawa Cooley - vocals/guitar/bass
Annabella Bird Nakagawa Cooley - drums/percussion
Emiko Nakagawa Gantt - bass/bells

All songs written by Tigerlily Cooley (c) 2012 (c) 2013

Produced by Paul Rich & Tigerlily Cooley
Mixed & Engineered by Jason Lackie at Fastback Studios
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering



all rights reserved


Bleachbear Seattle, Washington

Comprised of teenage sisters Tigerlily & Bird Cooley & cousin Emiko Nakagawa Gantt, they play self-described "dream pop grunge" sprinkled with surf, folk, & vintage influences. Earning acclaim as one of Seattle’s favorite rising acts & signature bands, they've drawn comparisons ranging from 1960's girl-groups like The Ronnettes to contemporary bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Best Coast, and La Luz. ... more

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Track Name: Stuttering Hearted
You’re here but you’re not there,
You’re breath gets me caving in,
Somebody’s in the air,
They’re bleeding warmth.

Give me a sign my, my sweet departed,
Don’t leave me here.
Been feeling lately so stuttering hearted,
Clocks breaking, go stuttering.

Stutter-uh, stutter-uh, stutter-uh, stuttering.
Oh, stutter-uh, stutter-uh, stuttering.

Your paper skeleton hangs up to dry,
Like a shadow on the wind,
Say we live to die.
Track Name: Down By The Forest
I got your letter yesterday, traced the words slowly.
You know I’ve been thinking lately, we could be paper planes.
And I was looking at you yesterday, realizing you’re the only thing I want forever.
I’ll give you all my heart to stain.

And everybody else doesn’t matter these days,
‘Cuz you’re all I think about anyways,
And in our hearts we know…

Down by the forest, I’ma wait for you.
Down by the forest, I’ll run away with you.

You take me to Neverland every time you smile.
Time stops for a while, and the world is ours.
Like a carnival closed after dark, we’re lost when we’re together.
I’ll ride this ferris wheel forever, its broken but we’re stuck here at the top.
Track Name: Letters At Your Door
I run away through the trees,
For all your prettiness is pain.
Broken lights on the ground,
When I kissed you in the rain.
And the stars all shone like headlights that we’re chasing.
We’re chasing dreams and chasing feelings we forget.
Beneath waves we swim like paper silhouettes.
And you’re my heartbreak, you’re my perfect…

And I’ll wait.
And I’ll be your broken echo whistling
Sad songs through the breeze.
The wolves stare down me,
But I’ll wait through the cold
For our winter’s forever young.
And our love’s like a forest of empty trees.

I sold your love to a wayfaring stranger passing by,
Gave me balloons said they would take me to the sky.
But summer never came, no it’s all ice.
And my regrets are in letters at your door.
Can’t understand why you don’t love me anymore,
Our hearts are the same ones as before, oh but…

Breaking glass.
We’re like strangers now,
Walking through reflections of our breaking hearts.
I thought that we were crashing,
We were crashing from the start.
And I’ll wait for you,
I’ll always wait for you.
Track Name: Valentine's Day
Just like a dove, a red balloon up in the sky.
A phantom of somebody she forgot how to love.
It’s not fair.

The seasons pass,
The picture frames weren’t meant to last.
Gone so fast,
And now the garden’s overgrown.
But her daisy stands alone.

Oh when all the roses wilt carry me home.
I’ll spend my Valentine’s days alone.

Ooo she’s running from love (x3)
Ooo she’s running from the world.
Oh it’s such a lonely world.

Just like a kiss, a lonely soldier on a field.
His heart’s amiss, oh but his body is all chains.
He waits for the rain, and for the rust to turn his heart into mere dust.
It was all lust, oh but he loved her, loved her, loved her.
He left her.
Track Name: I Do It All For You
Hey, so I promised I’d write you a song.
Tried not to make it too long,
Talking about how beautiful you are to me.
And so, someday maybe in a while,
You’ll hear this song on the radio and smile.

I do it all for you,
Everything I do it all for you.
Don’t make me break me in two,
When my love you know it’s true.

I do it all for this, standing there your hand in mine.
Don’t ever let me go, and leave your mind.
So won’t you stay? Stay the hour, stay the year.
No questions asked, you’re always welcome here.
Track Name: Look At The Stars
If I was air, I’d hold your breath inside my palm,
Run far, far away into the sunlight and be gone.
And be gone…

If I was air, I’d leap into the snow,
Let the white take me away into oceans I don’t know.
Moving slow…

Darling it ain’t easy for us to say goodbye,
But I know someday if it all works out,
Then you and I will be on the ground saying,
Hey, look at the stars… Look at the stars.

If I was air, I’d stay in love and rust away,
Like a barn in a field saying “I love you” every day.
Rust away…

Take my words and string them on a tree,
Like a banner waving in the wind.
Let my essence linger in the air,
Like a tattoo on the pale mind of your skin.
Needles and pins…

Darling it ain’t easy for us to say good-bye.
But I know, I know, I know that someday it’ll all be fine.
Just look at the stars. Look at the stars.
Track Name: Astoria
White house at the edge of town,
Mama said that’s where the ghosts live now.
Don’t play and you won’t get burned,
If you don’t touch will the candle still burn?

Rode by on my bike today,
Looked in the window of the run down place.
In a corner in the back of the room,
She whispered to me in a luminous tune.

I’ll keep you locked, locked inside my mind,
I’ll keep you locked.
I get locked inside my mind,
Inside my mind.

Halloween night I dressed in black,
Knocked on the window of the door in back.
Nobody answered so I walked away,
I didn’t leave alone when I left that place.

Darling don’t you leave me, leave me here inside my own.
I get locked inside my mind without you.
Darling don’t you leave me, leave me here just flesh and bone.
I get locked inside my mind just thinking about you.
Thinking about you.
Track Name: Stop Holding On
This is called, falling out of love.
Your hand I know.
And though our hands are clasped tight were still letting go.

Stop holding on.
Oh what a shame, what a shame, the flowers are all gone.
And in the spaces in between I used to fill up with the dreams of you and me.
Now I find myself needing more,
And I don’t know why I can’t love you like before.

Take me back to the moments I was a smile lost in you.
Now, you’re yesterday.
And with every thought I‘m thinking I can feel you slipping, sinking farther away.

I need to tell you now, but don’t want to lose you now,
After all we’ve been through to watch you tumbling down.
I need to tell you before these words can hurt you more.
If there was any other way I could make the feelings I had stay,
I would do it, but I don’t know how.
That’s why I’m telling you now, that’s why I’m telling you now…